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Serio River and its branches on the high Seriana Valley, River Brembo and its branches up to its springs



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Fishing: this amazing passion I still live for everyday, has started for me when I was only 9 years old, and is still going strong even now that 50 years have passed by. I exclusively fish for Trout, and mainly in the lakes and creeks of my home land, all around the area of Bergamo, or the “provincia bergamasca”. 

The Marble trout, and brown trout are the salmonids I encounter every day. At first I chased them with every technique possible, but from 1989 on I gave everything to spinning, the one thing I hold dearest in fishing. While spinning I exclusively used hard baits for 38 years, minnows mostly, and that has granted me some unbelievable catches. Then, 12 years ago or so, I discovered how great and efficient soft baits are, and from then on I’ve been chasing those salmonids only with that, using mono barbless hooks to make the release as easy as possible.

Other than that, during the last 3 years, I started moving towards ultra light spinning, and that made me an even better fisherman: I started using bait that comes from fly fishing, but that can also be cast for spinning, as lead fly replicas, the streamers, of all shapes and color, and each has brought me great results.

I am a true connoisseur of the all the streams of my region, both for what concerns the Brembana Valley (where I still live to this day), and the whole Seriana Valley, where I was born. All these things together allow me to enjoy fishing everyday, with full commitment, and surrounding myself with nature. That’s the best way to enjoy the thing that I like most in life: fishing!!!

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