Nicolò Marcolongo with Pike


Any day of the year with at least 3-working day-advance notice.


Excellent knowledge of the pre-alpine lakes: Corlo, Santa Croce, Centro Cadore, and Garda.
River Brenta and Sile.



Fly Fishing, Casting, Spinning.

Alessandro Olban with a Perch


Guide description

Nicolò approached the fishing world from an early age. Fishing with lures has become a reference point for him since the very beginning, catching almost all predators we can find in both Italian and foreign, inland waters over the years.

Specialized in Pike fishing, he is constantly on the lookout for the record specimen, alternating between fly fishing and casting.
Not to mention his boundless passion for hand-made, artificial lures!

He has already had the opportunity to fish in the best waters of Northern Europe, such as Ireland, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Scotland, the Netherlands, and England, where he returns every year.

Thanks to his boat, he can sail in small and large waters.
In Italy, he will guide you in the northeastern area, in particular the river
Brenta and Sile, and the lakes of Corlo, Cadore, Santa Croce and Garda.

When the Pike season is closed he focuses on other predators such as Trout, Bass, Asps and Torpedo to satisfy the desire to have an all-roun fishing experience.

More info

The guide has at his disposal:

– Bass Boat Tracker equipped with a Mercury 40cv internal combustion engine. Electric bow motor motorguide xi3 70lb.
– Latest generation on-board instrumentation such as the Panoptix live scope that will allow you to see what is happening uder the boat.

Possibility to rent rods, reels, lures and all necessary equipment to cover any situation and needs.

LANGUAGES: Italian, English.