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Extensive knowledge of every body of water in central Italy, where he can move around with the most freedom



Shore and boat spinning specialist. 
Fly fishing
Carp Fishing


Guide description

A fisherman for all his life, with countless hours devoted to fishing, it’s easy to see how Mauro cannot be reduced to just one technique. 

He has been Fly fishing for more than 33 years, and is also the president of the Fly Club Rieti.

He loves every aspect of fly fishing, from the dry fly all the way to the nymph.

While fishing, from boat or shore, he prefers predators: the Pike, the Perch, the Asp, the Trout, but anything that can attack a bait is welcome to join the club.

A Carp fishing specialist, he has a long and stable relationship with this technique, and enough experience to be one of the italian icons of it.

Always on the prowl for a catch, he knows every trick in the book, and for this reason he can be often seen travelling all over Europe, trying to feed his hunger for sport fishing.

Columnist for many specialized magazines, starring in many fishing videos, his last series “Lenze Tese con Mauro Pitorri” is airing now on channel 236 pesca on Sky.

A priceless consultant for the leading brands both in Europe and outside of it.

He is also a photography enthusiast, mostly for anything related to sport fishing.

His greatest luck was, as Mauro always says, was to be born in the middle of Italy: at the epicenter of a true fishing heaven.

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