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Rivers Volturno Garigliano (Mouth and RISALITA), Litorale Flegreo, Coasts of amalfi and sorrento, Naples and nearby areas, Isles of Campania, marshes and inner waters of the coastal area.



Spinning specialist


Guide description

Untamed hunter of seabass and pelagic fishes, explorer of the most hidden spots from the coast of Amalfi to that of Sorrento, the isles, plateaus of the Flegreo littoral to the Volturno and Garigliano rivers, both in fresh and salt water, he perfectioned spinning with soft baits until it became a flawless and versatile reading of nature, able to threaten anything with scales- In any water. Regularly hosts technical and educational meetings, has written more than 100 articles for specialized magazines and channels, and a soon to be released book. If you want to try yourself on capture any kind of fish with a soft bait, with rough sea, vertical jigging, topwater fishing, or if you want to spend sleepless nights hunting for a prehistoric seabass, or find yourself on a reef fishing for Barracuda, Tuna, Dolphinfish, with Capri just behind you, or if you want to come out from the mouths of the river looking for giant bluefishes, or go upstream on the Garigliano and Volturno rivers for the seabass, trout and bass… he is the man for you.

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Boat availability:

Inflatable boat 5.50 for the mouth and inner water of the Garigliano.

Inflatable Jokerboat 470 for the mouth and inner water of the Volturno.

Quicksilver 755 for isles and Flegrean areas.

Kit available for rental for any fishing technique.

Taxi available for rental.

English (advanced) – Spanish (Advanced)