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Excellent knowledge of the Sele River – Tanagro River – Picentino River, Tusciano River – Beaches and Cliffs of the Gulf of Salerno.Fiume Sele – Fiume Tanagro – Fiume Picentino · Fiume Tusciano – Spiagge e Scogliere del Golfo di Salerno.



Fly Fishing – Spinning (Sea and inland waters) specialist


Guide Description

 At the age of seven Raffaele began to approach fishing under the guide of his father, who took him on weekends to the banks of the mouth of the Picentino River, a seaside resort in his native city. His first experiences were stalking Sarde and Sugarelli.

Over the years he has practiced all the existing fishing techniques both at sea and in inner waters. He was lucky enough to spend many months of the year on the Salerno seafront and at the age of 12 he was already out at night searching for Sea bream and sea bass, the main stars of the Gulf of Salerno. Every once in a while he still refines his technique with some devotee friends.

The river, however, always had a great hold on him. He often went there with a friend who was all about fly fishing. Initially he did not have a great interest in this discipline, but then slowly began to fall in love with it: in 1998, with the bare minimum equipment he could find around, he began building his first lures.

After stopping for a few years, he decided to get back at it without hesitation, because this technique had given him beautiful emotions. Today he couldn’t be happier with this choice, and he continues to build classic flies with great results. But above all his flies must be able to face the fishing trips he makes at different times of the year.

In inland waters he rigorously practices Catch & Release, even in free areas.

He prefers to stay away from fanaticism, so from time to time he also enjoys a few fishing sessions with different techniques.

2020 was a year of important goals for him, and his passion for nature and ecosystems led him to attend a course for Environmental and Zoophile Guards. In November 2020 he received the prefectural appointment decree, and in the same year he also received a Patent for Environmental and Fishing Instructor.

A profound connoisseur of his territory, the same he volunteered to protect, he has all the right credentials to do it. Passionate Rodmaker, he builds his rods meticulously, and is one of the few remaining in Campania that continues to work bamboo.

We asked him if fishing has changed his lifestyle in any way:

“Yes! Fishing has definitely changed my life for the better. Sometimes I think I have to slow down, but I can’t, because above all I have always had one goal to achieve, and that goal was my inner peace. Now that I have reached it by fishing, I will not give it up. Spending as much time as possible surrounded only by nature, away from the frenetic chaos of the cities, makes me extremely happy. It’s something I can’t explain, you have to experience these emotions yourself  to understand.”

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Rental for high-end rods both in graphite and in bamboo for nymph and dry fishing with relative reels (Hardy only) 

4×4 off-road vehicle essential to reach even the most difficult spots.

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