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Turano, Del Salto, Albano lakes, and the Tevere River in its city trait.



Spinning and Fly fishing specialist


Guide description

A true passionate angler, Federico can’t stay away from the water for too long.

He started bait fishing as a child, and was then introduced to fly fishing at the age of 8. Now he has been fishing almost exclusively with lures for the last ten years.


He has dedicated all this time fishing for the most diverse species in the most diverse habitats, both in Italy and abroad.


His training was the cunning lake asp, and he fishes actively for the chub, the zander, the welsh catfish, the pike, the perch and both bass and seabass in the rivers and lakes of central Italy. His real obsession, though, is the trout. Federico is constantly on the move to pursue these fish, all the way from the placid Italian rivers to the turbulent Alpine streams, from big lakes to the vast Baltic Sea. He records his adventures shooting a documentary series for the italian paytv Pesca TV. Some years ago he fully immersed himself into fishing, turning in the medicine textbooks for a working station and founded a small company that handcrafts fishing lures.

When taking someone fishing, Federico is always very careful to his needs, and most of all, to make sure he gives the appropriate tools, be them technical or notion-wise, so that they connect with their desired prey!

More info

The guide can provide:

Boat (electrical and gasoline motor)

Rental available for spinning and lures kits

Chance to fish in the historical center of Rome, under thousand-years old monuments.



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